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Shinda Shinda No Papa Movie Review: Gippy Grewal and Shinda Grewal Shine in This Relatable Tale of Father-Son Bonding and Family Values and living in Canada

Critic’s Rating: 3.5/5


Gopi, a frustrated father living in Canada, devises a plan to take his unruly son Shinda to India to discipline him. What happens once Shinda discovers his father’s true intentions?


“Shinda Shinda No Papa Movie” effectively portrays the dynamics of a father-son relationship against the backdrop of family life and cultural transitions. Using a trip to India as a catalyst to explore traditional values and parenting styles against the backdrop of life in Canada is a compelling narrative choice.

The central theme revolves around Gopi’s (Gippy Grewal) attempt to instill discipline in his son, Shinda (Shinda Grewal), through a journey to India to impart certain cultural values. The film’s exploration of the idea that a father scolding or disciplining his son for his betterment presents a thought-provoking perspective on parenting and generational differences.

This 135-minute film, written by Naresh Kathooria and directed by Amarpreet GS Chhabra, injects novelty into the tale while touching on universal themes like family, love, and communication through realistic events. The blend of humor and emotion, with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments in the first half and deeper emotional exploration in the second, promises to engage audiences and deliver a meaningful message on parenting. However, as the film nears its conclusion, it feels overly long.

The performances, especially by the real-life father-son duo of Gippy Grewal and Shinda Grewal, are the film’s highlight. Shinda Grewal evolves as an actor, honing his craft and adding authenticity to the father-son relationship. Shinda shares an endearing chemistry with his on-screen cousin Jelly, perfectly played with the right amount of innocence by Gurteg Singh. Together, they deliver some of the best one-liners and dialogues in the film. Prince Kanwaljit Singh, as Jelly’s father, adds a sense of humor and relatability to the narrative.

Hina Khan‘s debut in Punjabi cinema brings a fresh perspective and charisma to the ensemble cast, enhancing the film’s appeal, although her role is limited compared to the focus on the father-son relationship.

While the songs may not all stand out, the title track and ‘Disco’ song that plays during the credits are memorable, and the background score complements the film well.

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Cultural Clashes and Comedy

Upon arriving in India, Shinda’s antics continue, leading to a series of comedic events. The contrast between the modern lifestyle of Canada and the traditional setting of Punjab creates numerous humorous situations. Gopi and Shinda navigate their new environment, encountering a host of colorful characters who add to the film’s charm.

Emotional Growth

As the story progresses, both Gopi and Shinda undergo significant transformations. Gopi learns to be more understanding and patient, while Shinda starts to appreciate his cultural heritage and the importance of family. The journey brings them closer, highlighting the film’s underlying message of love, respect, and familial bonds.

Production and Cinematography

Under Amarpreet GS Chhabra’s direction, “Shinda Shinda No Papa” showcases vibrant cinematography that effectively contrasts the urban settings of Canada with the colorful and rich landscapes of India. The film’s production design and visuals enhance the storytelling, making the cultural shifts more poignant and engaging.

Musical Magic

The film’s soundtrack, composed by renowned Punjabi music artists, adds significant depth to the narrative. The background scores, especially those accompanying Shinda’s mischievous antics, enhance the emotional and comedic elements of the film. The music not only complements the storyline but also reflects the cultural fusion at the heart of the movie.


Overall, “Shinda Shinda No Papa” is a refreshing and entertaining addition to Punjabi cinema. It offers a nuanced exploration of family dynamics amidst everyday challenges. The film’s ability to balance humor with emotional moments makes it relatable and impactful for a wide audience, delivering profound lessons on acceptance and communication within families. Despite minor flaws in its execution, the film stands out for its relatable characters and emotional depth, making it a must-watch for fans of family dramas and Punjabi films.


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  1. What is “Shinda Shinda No Papa” about?
    “Shinda Shinda No Papa” is about a father taking his mischievous son to India to teach him cultural values and discipline, leading to a humorous and heartwarming journey.
  2. Who are the lead actors in the movie?
    The movie stars Gippy Grewal and his son Shinda Grewal, with Hina Khan making her Punjabi cinema debut.
  3. Who directed “Shinda Shinda No Papa”?
    The film is directed by Amarpreet GS Chhabra.
  4. When is the movie releasing?
    “Shinda Shinda No Papa” is set to release in 2024.
  5. What themes does the movie explore?
    The movie explores themes of family bonds, cultural identity, personal growth, and the clash between modern and traditional values.

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