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Phooli Movie Review: Magician Mentor Gives Wings To Struggling Young Girl’s Aspirations In This Heartwarming Tale

Phooli is the story of a young girl Phooli who lives in a far-off village and aspires to study and fulfil her dreams, however, her sole parent – an alcohol-addicted father creates obstacles in her way to getting educated. Things turn upside down when a magician gives wings to Phooli’s dreams and makes them come true through motivation.


The storyline revolves around the young girl Phooli, who wants to study and pursue her dreams, it depicts her struggles and her eagerness to study but her circumstances do not allow her to continue with her education, later a “Jaadugar” (Magician) enters her life and helps her overcome her situations and motivates her to excel in her studies, with the help of Jaadugar’s guidance she studies and changes her way of dealing with situations and eventually tops her exams and later becomes an IPS officer, stating what her jaadugar taught her, “You are the ultimate magician of your life” and “Your hard work and perseverance is the main key to any success you want to achieve”.

The film encourages the fact that your process is the magic to change everything.

About Phooli

Phooli, directed by Avinash Dhyani and based on a true story, is an endearing film that highlights the significance of education. Known for his previous work on the war film 72 Hours, Dhyani steps into a new role, both as the director and as the pivotal character of a magician in this emotional narrative.

Review: Plot

The plot chronicles the life of Phooli, a young girl determined to pursue her education and dreams. Despite her eagerness, challenging circumstances obstruct her progress. Her life takes a turn when a “magician” enters, helping her navigate and overcome these obstacles. With his guidance, Pholi excels academically, eventually becoming an IPS officer. The magician’s key message to her is that true magic lies in one’s efforts and perseverance, inspiring Pholi to realize her potential.

Review: Performances

Avinash Dhyani shines as the well-known magician Mahendra Sarkar, giving a riveting performance with his emotive acting and dialogue delivery. Riya Baluni plays Phooli with genuineness, and Suruchi Saklani makes an impressive impression as the more experienced Phooli. Both actors excel in their parts and give them nuance.

Phooli Movie

Review: Direction

Director Avinash Dhyani skillfully portrays the resilience of women living in mountainous regions through Phooli’s character. Drawing inspiration from the lives of mountain women, including his mother, Dhyani creates a film that resonates with truth and authenticity. His deep understanding of mountain life enriches the narrative, making it a powerful piece of cinema that spreads its message to a broader audience.

Review: Final Verdict

The movie not only inspires you but also gives a life lesson which is essential to all – highlighting the importance of education in a person’s life. The movie’s characters and emotions resonate with the common man and the struggles they go through in the way to fulfil their dreams. The film Phooli is a must watch for those who have given up on their will to move ahead in life.

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